Dave Tucker Seattle-Based Voice Artist

Dave Tucker Seattle-Based Voice Artist

Dave Tucker Seattle-Based Voice ArtistDave Tucker Seattle-Based Voice ArtistDave Tucker Seattle-Based Voice Artist

Commercial Demo

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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - A Better World

Voice Over by Dave Tucker

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Human Health

Voice Over by Dave Tucker

About Dave

Voice Acting

Dave can bring a broad range of emotions to your copy, to create the appropriate impression in the mind of your listener, all because he’s honed his acting chops with more than twenty years of experience on stage. He can direct the performances according to your intentions because of his understanding of script analysis, developed over many years as a director and playwright.

Project Management

 You’re dealing with the demands of completing a project, and Dave can ensure the voice recording tasks are seamlessly worked into your project plan, because he’s a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) through Project Management Institute. Dave does everything within his power to make the process easier for you. 

Customer Service

Your satisfaction means everything to Dave because he has a natural service orientation and extensive experience in corporate Customer Service. Dave wants nothing more than to make you happy with the services he provides.

Dave's Voice

Dave’s voice has a wide range, able to embody from the warm, friendly young dad like John Krasinski and sarcastic rookie cop ala Denis Leary, right on up to the confident and senior family patriarch, like an authoritative Ed Harris, a wise John Cullum, or tongue-in-cheek John Goodman. His pitch ranges from a high baritone to deep base and has frequently paid homage to Sam Elliot with a deep, raspy tone.

Dave has been described as the consummate story teller and narrator. Clients have described his vocal style as Conversational, Authoritative Professional, Friendly Guy Next Door, Believable Everyman, Confident Executive, Authentic, Upbeat,  Informative Teacher, Corporate, Articulate, Inspirational, Energetic, Educational, Enthusiastic, Genuine, Deep, Knowledgeable, Calm, Amusing, Youthful, Caring, Sincere, Generationally Trustworthy, Caring, Wry, Snarky, Comforting, Motivational, and Sophisticated.

Dave's Studio

 Dave has his own studio and is typically there more than 12 hours daily. He uses a Neumann TLM 102 microphone with a DBX286S channel strip, a Focusrite interface, and a Lenovo computer with Adobe Audition DAW.

Training and Memberships

  • Pat Fraley
  • Marc Cashman
  • Everett Oliver
  • Larry Hudson
  • Nancy  Wolfson
  • Bill DeWees
  • Shana Pennington-Baird
  • Gin Hammond

  • World-Voices Organization
  • The Dramatist Guild
  • Theater Puget Sound
  • Project Management Institute
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars

Video Demo

Dave's Commercial Demo in Video Format

"Flying Mutant Zombie Rats," audio book by Kat de Falla

Kat de Falla's children's book now in audio book format, narrated by Dave Tucker.  Suitable for kids 8 - 14.  Available at Audible.com.